My friend Janeane Davis from the blog Janeane’s World has this amazing ritual of sending text messages out to her friends to check in on them every week. It’s not a mass group text, or an vague quote that could be for anyone. It’s a personalized note meant to lift spirits and remind us that someone is thinking about us. I usually reply with a thank you for thinking about me, but today, I want to publicly thank her and share a link to her blog so that you might check it out. I also want to let you know that Janeane works with me, scheduling tweets for a client. She’s extremely efficient, can work independently, and is currently taking clients.

See, when you have someone that does something to help you out, a private thank you is awesome. A public thank you can extend that gratitude and turn it into something even greater, though, like more work, more opportunities, and it helps to build the reputation of the person that helped you. As blog business owners, I can’t think of any one of us who doesn’t need or want more of those things.

This week I want to challenge you to say thank you outside of the inbox. Tag your supporters. Shine a light on them, and help them as much as they have helped you. If someone has given you their time, energy, or contacts, let the world see the type of person that they are. Don’t keep them all to yourself!

Looking for more ways to support the people who have helped you? Here are 4 ideas to get you started:

Share their services
Did you attend a webinar that gave you new perspectives? Did an introduction help you to land a new gig? Did advice from a blog strategy report help you to earn more money or gain additional pageviews? Share the link to the webinar. Share a link to the service. Let people know how valuable you thought the service was, and how to get it. It can be hard to share the secrets to our success sometimes, but remember, no other blog business can take what’s meant for you anyway. Share the love.

Write a recommendation on LinkedIn
When it comes to supporting an entrepreneur, LinkedIn is the best place to do it. Write a recommendation for the person and talk about how great they were with what they did for you. Be descriptive and know that it’s okay to gush there. You can do this for PR people or blog network folks you’ve worked with, too. Hint. HINT.

Create a testimonial that they can use to promote their service
Testimonials from people I trust are often the deciding factor on whether I’ll purchase a service or product or not. Write a succinct testimonial detailing how the person helped you out (“I was able to increase my income by 100% in just 3 months after taking the course”) and allow them to use it, and your likeness, in their promotional materials. Your reputation will lend credibility to the service and lead to more business for you friend.

Be honest about how difficult you were to work with
This isn’t going to apply to everyone, but if you know that you’re difficult to work with, be honest about it. Maybe you’re indecisive or didn’t come to the product or service with any ideas, SAY THAT WHEN YOU PROMOTE THE SERVICE OR PRODUCT. Let people know that not only is this product or service good, but it’s extra good because it was able to break through the challenges of working with someone who had challenges. For example, I ordered a logo from Mandi Buckner. I told her the colors that I wanted, but other than that, nada. Can you say #DifficultClient? She created a sample for me based on my non-existent feedback, and thanks to that sample and some probing questions from her, I was able to get TWO Courage to Earn logos that I adore. That’s something that folks need to know.

How will you go above and beyond in showing gratitude this week? What are some ways that folks have showed their appreciation to you that made you feel special?

Brandi Riley is a Social Media Manager for BlogHer at SheKnows Media and Influencer. She is a co-founder of the Pushing Lovely writing group, and founder of the group Courage to Earn which boasts over 700 women blog business owners. Known for personalized blog coaching and career development, Brandi has managed blogger outreach for hundreds of campaigns, and her door is always open to bloggers who need a push. She uses her knowledge of what brands want to help bloggers get what they need…more work! Brandi is passionate about community, and a champion for authenticity. Tweet her@BrandiJeter or read her at Mama Knows It All


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