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The Influencer Activist Toolkit

What is an Influencer? You are a creative who has the super power of persuading an audience to like, click, share, and buy. But is that all? If you can do all of that, can’t you also educate, inform, and inspire your audience to action for things that can bring positive change in the world?

That’s why a brilliant group of influencers have come together to create The Influencer Activist Toolkit

We are in a very critical time right now. In addition to living in the middle of a pandemic, we’re dealing with racial conflict across the country, and it’s an election year. We’ve got a lot going on.

As lifestyle influencers, we are in the very special position of bringing a sense of normalcy to our audiences. 

We get to use our platforms to share fun stories, remind our followers to find the silver lining, and yes…introduce them to products and services that help to make their lives easier.

Influencers have a responsibility for using their platforms for more than just financial gain and the adoring attention of our followers. Right now we need all hands on deck in educating and empowering other humans to change the trajectory of the state of our world.

If you’re here, we’re assuming that you’re up for the challenge. Thank you for being willing to do this work with us. If you have any questions about the toolkit, or want to be a contributor, let us know. 

How do you add advocacy to your lifestyle platform? What are the important messages that you should be bringing to your audience? Learn how to become an influencer activist. 

How Justice Works: Breonna Taylor 'Case Study'

It’s been almost four months since Louisville Metro Police Officers Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove entered the home of Breonna Taylor in an encounter that left her dead. The problem is this isn’t new.

Diversity Isn't Just Black and White

For many of us, when we hear the term “diversity,” we immediately think of race – and even then, it is only in terms of Black and White. To limit diversity to only that measurement is to miss the larger point about representation.

Believe it or not, the most important part of being an ally, advocate, or activist is listening. What do you do with the information you learn? How do you amplify voices? 

10 Ways To Use Instagram For Activism

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Staying Positive When The Internet Is Tough

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Want to Sponsor the Influencer Activist Tool Kit?

Ready to take action to make change in the world? After you’ve listened and learned, it’s time to do something.  

How to Make Your Content More Accessible to Everyone

As influencers, we are in this space because we want to make connections with people; but for those who have disabilities, there are many invisible barriers that are the result of inaccessible content. 

Art Activism: A Brief Lesson and How to Get Involved

In recent months, we have seen floods of art created in the names of Black Lives. It’s important to know that activism comes in many forms. And you guessed it: art is a huge contributing factor to protests that many don’t even realize!

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